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Personal / Organizational Growth
Creative Consulting Services, Inc., a subsidiary of the Titania HoloMat, founded in 2002, pro­vides education and consulting services related to personal and organi­zational growth. We see personal growth as prerequisite for ethical orga­nizational growth.

The Power of Ethics
A valid ethic is one in which the value sought is actually increased by adher­ence to the belief or belief system that specifies the actions required to increase the availability of the value. Valid ethics can be built using the val­ues of creativity, awareness, objective truth, love, and personal evolution. One can specify a valid ethic by applying the following template:

An act is ethical if it increases any of the above values for at least one person (including the person acting), without limiting or diminishing any of them for any­one.

The definition above, and the principles that logically re­sult from it, can be said to comprise a universal ethic – because it is not dependent upon any particular cultural, ethnic, or religious biases.

Cronus & Flourish

When individuals adopt a valid ethic and live by its prin­ciples, they interact very differently from those who do not. The result is a powerful enhancement of the quality of life experienced by those individuals, and those who come in contact with them – and this effect is profoundly amplified when such individuals work together in small groups in pursuit of an ethical purpose or outcome. It is this understanding of personal evolution that forms the basis of Creative Con­sulting’s work.

Know Yourself: Soul-Bonding
The personal evolution referred to above is simply the ongoing process of increasing self-awareness – which means knowing who one really is, as distinct from who one imagines oneself to be, or pretends to be, or who one wants to be.

It is an unfortunate feature of most human cultures that we are taught not to know who we really are – to actually minimize such self-awareness. While there are many methods of overcoming this obstacle, some are distinctly better than others.

This pattern of not knowing is conditioned very early in life – usually during the first 5 years. And the conditioning is accomplished by parental abuse and neglect that is handed down unthinkingly from generation to generation. As such it is the source of most of humanity’s misery, and all of its violence.

Some of the best methods of increasing self-awareness are derived from the field of psychotherapy. So, Creative Consulting has created an educational model called Soul-Bonding, that embodies 6 of the best methods:

1. Cognitive Therapy
2. Strategic Therapy
3. Gestalt Therapy
4. Bioenergetic Therapy
5. Ericksonian Hypnosis
6. NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming

By using these tools simultaneously in both individual and group formats, two outcomes are achieved.

A. The members of the group become much closer to one another emotionally – thereby enhancing empathy, trust, mutual respect, and creativity; and

B. Those unsuited to such heightened intimacy discover this fact and leave.

Creative Consulting’s Soul-Bonding Workshops and ongoing educational groups provide an excellent means of learning these skills in a supportive nurturing environment.

HoloMats of Octologues
On reflection, most people would agree that everything really satisfying and rewarding in life is derived from some form of creativity. Extensive research conducted from 1981 to 2001 proved unequivocally that, for the purpose of maximizing creativity in a group, the following conditions are optimal:

Podolsky & Gamble
Bob Podolsky & Foster Gamble at Libertopia

1. The purpose of the group is ethical.
2. Group size is 7 to 9 participants.
3. The group is comprised of equal, or nearly equal, numbers of men and women.
4. Group decisions are always constrained to be unanimous,
5. The members of the group have agreed to exchange corrective feedback on a mutually respectful basis.

Groups so constituted are called Octologues, and combinations of Octologues that form bigger groups are called HoloMats. Organizations developed in this way have many advantages over hierarchic organizations. Specifically, members of Octologues:

  • Remain independent,

  • Have an equal say in the Octologue’s operations,

  • Share the group’s profits, if the group is a business,

  • Have no bosses, supervisors, or managers,

  • Establish a solid circle of supportive friends,

  • Usually have a good time,

  • Pay less in taxes, and

  • Never prefer their experience of hierarchies to their experience of Octologues.

What We Do
Creative Consulting Services, Inc. is the business arm of the Titania HoloMat, an educational organization dedicated to amplifying creativity, awareness, truth, personal growth, and love through the mechanism of applied ethics. To this end, we offer books, articles, videos, CDs, workshops, and a wide range of consulting and coaching for individuals and organizations alike.

The Invitation
Creative Consulting Services cordially invites you to learn about and participate in the Titania Project by:

  • Visiting our website at,

  • Attending a Meet-up,

  • Reading FLOURISH!”,

  • Attending our workshops,

  • Joining or forming an Octologue,

    You will find this experience particularly exciting if you are:

  • A frustrated individual, yearning for a greater sense of meaning in your life,

  • A fed-up educator who longs for a career in real education,

  • A disillusioned professional, who wants out of the cartel that dominates his field,

  • A union organizer who deplores the failing role of “collective bargaining”,

  • A business owner who wants to retire, but has become “indispensable” to his firm,

  • A lawyer or paralegal who yearns to be part of an ethical legal system,

  • A parent who wants to raise emotionally healthy children, or

  • Just a hard worker who would like to spend some of the profits that he generates.

  • Get Started
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