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Bob Podolsky’s new book, FLOURISH! is being read and is highly regarded by Flourish, bob Podolsky, titanians, titania, titanians.org, creativity, ethicssome of the Liberty Movement’s deepest thinkers and strongest leaders – folks like Clyde Cleveland the author of Common Sense Revisited, and Foster Gamble, creator of the movie, Thrive

The book FLOURISH! presents the most thoughtful analysis to date of the BIG PROBLEM that humanity faces today, and it also proposes a unique solution to the problem – one that goes beyond the notion of tinkering with the laws or reestablishing the Constitution. Podolsky has shown unequivocally that, while these efforts may be necessary to bring about peace and prosperity, they will never be sufficient for this purpose – becauseFLOURISH LANDING PAGE_img_0:
• The central bankers who own the government don’t care about the law – except when it serves them.

• They routinely kill anyone who gets in their way – and have slaughtered hundreds of millions of people in the course of the past century

Based on twenty years of scientific research spanning 2,500 years of historical evidence, this book provides powerful answers to the questions that have plagued liberty activists since the movement began.

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The purpose of this book is recruitment – not literary excellence; not academic showmanship; nor philosophical discussion – just recruitment. It is intended for readers of above average intelligence who are keenly dissatisfied with the world’s status quo, and who want to do something that will have a meaningful and beneficial impact on the future of humankind.

I recognized almost 40 years ago that our species is following a highly self-destructive path – one that could easily make us as extinct as the dinosaurs. So I asked myself, “What would have to happen for humanity to thrive – to flourish – to truly overcome the serious societal problems, such as Crime, Hunger, Poverty, Violence and War that humanity has faced for THOUSANDS of years, and still faces today.

For humanity to flourish, its institutions MUST consistently make ethical decisions.

The Ethics

As most people are aware, ethics are the means by which we decide what actions are permissible and what actions are not. What is less known is the fact that every ethic consists of two parts:

A value that defines what it is that we want more of in our lives, or what we wish to maximize, and

A belief, or system of beliefs, that describes what actions we are to take to obtain more of the value that we seek.

Still less often recognized is the fact that an ethic may be valid or invalid. Valid ethics produce the desired results – an increase in the values sought. Invalid ethics produce the opposite effect –…all prosperity, and ultimately all happiness, derives from someone’s creativity. The belief system that empowers this ethic begins with the notion that an act is good if it increases creativity, or any of its logical equivalents, for at least one person without limiting or diminishing creativity for anyone. From this definition a broad range of principles can be derived by simple logic.

Much has been said about the nature of government and how it “should” serve the interests of the “people” or the “public”. Unfortunately, I can think of no government on the planet that fits this description – and in fact I have come to the conclusion that the description itself is a mechanism intended to deceive the public, thereby hiding the true nature of government from those to be governed.

Only two groups of people actually benefit from majority rule:
(1) Those who wish to spend other people’s money, and
(2) Those who own the mainstream media and who use the media to manipulate public opinion with comforting lies, false promises, and distractions, thereby enhancing their power over others and increasing their profits. The facts that refute the lies are rarely, if ever, discussed.

Helping people by solving societal problems has never been the true objective of government.

God’s Number One Suggestion: “To the best of your ability be like me: love truth above all else; increase the awareness of all people; nurture personal evolution in yourself and others; and harm no one except to prevent them from harming yourself or others.
The TITANIAN CODE OF HONOR, is a set of four simple affirmations containing the most prominent logical consequences of the Titanian Ethic. These affirmations and a brief explanation of each are shown below. If you decide to join Titania, in any capacity, you will be expected to honor this code.

A) We do no harm.

B) We do good at every opportunity.

C) The CODE always applies – no exceptions

D) Everyone knows the CODE.



An act is good if it increases creativity, or any of its logical equivalents, for at least one person, including the person acting, without limiting or diminishing creativity for anyone Logical equivalents of creativity include: love, awareness, personal evolution, the availability of objectively true information to ethical persons, and possibly many other resources.
A second set of creativity-enhancing resources are sometimes necessary, often helpful, and never sufficient, for the maximization of creativity; however they are not logical equivalents of creativity and their maximization in lieu of creativity can result in unethical outcomes. These resources include, but are not limited to: freedom, privacy, honesty, empathy, conscience, energy, wealth, profit, and even happiness.

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30 day money back guarantee!

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