The Power of Ethics

A valid ethic is one in which the value sought is actually increased by adherence to the belief or belief system that specifies the actions required to increase the availability of the value. Valid ethics can be built using the values of creativity, awareness, objective truth, love, and personal evolution. One can specify a valid ethic by applying the following template:

An act is ethical if it increases any of the above values for at least one person (including the person acting), without limiting or diminishing any of them for anyone.

The definition above, and the principles that logically result from it, can be said to comprise a universal ethic – because it is not dependent upon any particular cultural, ethnic, or religious biases.

When individuals adopt a valid ethic and live by its principles, they interact very differently from those who do not. The result is a powerful enhancement of the quality of life experienced by those individuals, and those who come in contact with them – and this effect is profoundly amplified when such individuals work together in small groups in pursuit of an ethical purpose or outcome. It is this understanding of personal evolution that forms the basis of Creative Consulting’s work.

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