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Know Yourself: Soul-Bonding

The personal evolution referred to above is simply the ongoing process of increasing self-awareness – which means knowing who one really is, as distinct from who one imagines oneself to be, or pretends to be, or who one wants to be.

It is an unfortunate feature of most human cultures that we are taught not to know who we really are – to actually minimize such self-awareness. While there are many methods of overcoming this obstacle, some are distinctly better than others.

This pattern of not knowing is conditioned very early in life – usually during the first 5 years. And the conditioning is accomplished by parental abuse and neglect that is handed down unthinkingly from generation to generation. As such it is the source of most of humanity’s misery, and all of its violence.

Some of the best methods of increasing self-awareness are derived from the field of psychotherapy. So, Creative Consulting has created an educational model called Soul-Bonding, that embodies 6 of the best methods:

1. Cognitive Therapy
2. Strategic Therapy
3. Gestalt Therapy
4. Bioenergetic Therapy
5. Ericksonian Hypnosis
6. NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming

By using these tools simultaneously in both individual and group formats, two outcomes are achieved.

A. The members of the group become much closer to one another emotionally – thereby enhancing empathy, trust, mutual respect, and creativity; and

B. Those unsuited to such heightened intimacy discover this fact and leave.

Creative Consulting’s Soul-Bonding Workshops and ongoing educational groups provide an excellent means of learning these skills in a supportive nurturing environment. You need not have academic credentials in this field in order to learn the methods.

Now let’s turn our attention to organizational growth.

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