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The Danger of Success in Business

When a small innovative business is successful it makes money and grows in size to handle the demand of the market. If the business is organized as a hierarchy it will continue to grow as long as those working in the business continue to function creatively.

Unfortunately, hierarchies are very susceptible to bureaucratization – by which I mean the systematic elimination, destruction, or avoidance of corrective feedback. In the absence of good corrective feedback, the “head” of the business soon has little idea of what the “hands and feet” are doing – and the result is usually unethical decisions, bad corporate policies, and a severe loss of creativity.

The early success of a business, and the fact that it makes good money in these early stages, often means that the business gets bigger simply by “coasting” on its past success. By the time the business tries to recover from this effect – usually by buying up smaller more innovative firms, the successful business is often (if not usually) “zombified” – still up and running; but creatively dead. And this, of course, often results in the business eventually going “belly-up”.

Alternatively –
The organizational method described on this website, and taught in our seminars and workshops, essentially immunizes the business against such bureaucratization while simultaneously setting up its participants to be able to retire comfortably without selling the business. This is a big advantage for those accustomed to being “indispensable” on the job.

Check out our Resource Portal for a lot more information on the rationale and methodologies we employ.

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